Rune Magic

Translated and edited by Edred Thorsson

Siegfried Adolf Kummer

45 Pages, ISBN 978 1 885972 61 3     
Published by Lodestar 1993, First Edition, 2017     

Siegfried Adolf Kummer, along with Friedrich Bernhard Marby and Guido von List, was one of the great practical Runemasters of the early part of the 20the century. Rune-Magic preserves in a direct way the techniques and lore of the Armanen form of runology.

Here the reader will learn some of the most original lore concerning such things as:

  • Rune-Yoga
  • Runic Hand-Signs (or mudras)
  • Runic "Yodling"
  • The Magical Formulation of the Grail-Chalice
  • Keys to Runic Healing

A Document of Historical Importance

In this volume Thorsson preserves the text unaltered from its first appearance just a year before the National Socialists came to power in Germany. Sections of Rune-Magic will be found to be controversial by some, but Runa-Raven feels that for the sake of historical accuracy, and as a sign of respect for the intelligence of the reader, the text should stand as originally written in 1932.

We must seek to preserve the roots of the Runic tradition where ever we find them. These roots are to be studied and understood for the value they have. For no one knows what wisdom might rise from these roots in the is-to-be.
- Edred Thorsson, Yrmin-Drighten, The Rune-Gild

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

The names Edred Thorrson and Darban-i-Den are pseudonyms of Stephen E. Flowers.
While Edred Thorrson was a significant influence on Heathenry in the 90s and turn of the century, nowadays he is strongly associated with The Asatru Folk Assembly.
In a recent statement, The Asatru Folk Assembly declared point blank that non-white and LGBT Heathens were not welcome in their tradition. The Asatru Folk Assembly views do not represent our views at all!!! We hereby declare that we do not condone hatred or discrimination, and will not associate with those who do. We will not grant the tacit approval of silence in the name of frið, to those who would use these traditions to justify prejudice on the basis of race, nationality, orientation, or gender identity.
We support and Havamal
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Book review
Guido von List was one of the developers of the racist theory of Ariosophy. He also created a new system of 18 pseudo-runes, called the Armanen Runes, connected to the rune spells in the Hávamál (138-165). Guido von List published his book in 1908 and his work became the backbone of Kummer's Rune Yoga. The Armanen Runes are associated with National Socialism and its predecessors, but this fantasy-rune system is also later used in a not politically oriented way  (Goos p.47 & 86).
I would not use the Armanen fantasy-rune system because it is a very recent creation and because of the political associations. Siegfried Adolf Kummer used the Armanen fantasy-rune system for the development of his Rune Yoga. In the spirit of that time he presented this as a Germanic Yoga system, hiding the Eastern influences or arguing them away by claiming that the practices originated first in the Germanic world. Kummer's Rune yoga system has borrowed from eastern philosophies like Yoga and T'ai Chi Ch'uan  (Ingsson p.7-12).
I bought this book for my research into the history of Rune Yoga, if you are interested in Runes and their history, you better leave this book alone because you'll only find fantasy-runes in the book.


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