Germanic Magic

Runes: Their History, Mythology and Use in Modern Magical Practice

Gunivortus Goos

482 Pages, ISBN 978 3 74949 794 2     
Published by BoD, 2019     

This book about runes is divided into three very different, separate parts. Part 1 comprisis a fair summary of the history of the runes, including illustrations of rune finds and their interpretation. In addition, it provides information about Germanic peoples and some of their gods who appear in magical practice in Part 3.
Part 2 includes many fragments of the corresponding mythology in which runes are mentioned; this is shown in quite a few citations. In these two parts, there is a clear emphasis on the magical use of the runes in history and mythology.
Part 3, the main part of the book, includes a detailed guide to the magical use of runes in today's everyday life. It comprises background information, rituals, invocations, a rune oracle with corresponding interpretation, calculations and meanings of the namepartner and dayrunes, and much more. Ethical aspects take up an important place and this part ends with a preparatory training to ceremonial magic.

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