Rune Yoga

Staða & Galdr

Frodi Ingsson

202 Pages, ISBN 979 8 9851886 0 8     
Frodi Ingsson's Publishing, 2021     

Rune Yoga is a path to self-knowledge, and self-cultivation, and self-actualization. This includes becoming aware of the body's energy while working with the breath and Will to ground, direct, circulate, grow, balance, and enjoy the energy.

It also focusses on defining and becoming the person you want to be while unraveling and clearing away any energetic blocks. That process entails learning about and connecting with your soul and digging deep within the mind. After clearing the blockages all the body's energy is directed up the spine.

The last part of the path focuses on reputation, legacy, self-actualization, and fulfillment.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

Rune Yoga is an early 20th century creation, while possibly the earliest evidence of some form of Runic stoður is found on The Golden Horns of Gallehus (5th century).
See also this YouTube video from the author.

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