Witchdom of the True

A Study of the Vana-Troth and Seidr

Edred Thorsson

106 Blz., ISBN 978 1 885972 17 0     
Runestar Books, Second Edition 2018     

Edred does it again! The Witchdom of the True is an invaluable resource to Wiccans and those who follow Ásatrú alike. In clear and compelling language, it restores the Vanir-faith to its place as an integral part of the dynamic and diverse Northern tradition. Long known as the leading light in the modern runic revival, Edred now pulls back the curtain of time to show us the origin of Wicca in the Vanir cult of the ancient Northlands. This is an exciting book, and a breath of fresh air in a field that long needed the windows and doors thrown open!

Stephen A. McNallen
Ásatrú Folk Assembly

Found in Witchdom of the True:

  • History of the Vanic Faith
  • Survival and Revival of Witchdom
  • Cosmology
  • Myth and Lore of the Lord and Lady
  • Ritual Working Formula of Witchdom
  • Lore of Witchcraft
  • Lore of Seiðr

In this book the author finally makes clear once and for all the deep and ancient nature of the true cult of the Lord and Lady, its origins and mythology. Modern Wiccans will be delighted to have this lore clarified, and it is hoped the information will help transform the Wiccan movement in the next millennium by returning it to it natural roots.

Inga Steddinger
High Priestess
Author of Wiccan Sex Magic

(Bovenstaande tekst komt van de achterkant van het boek)     

While Edred Thorrson was a significant influence on Heathenry in the 90s and turn of the century, nowadays he is strongly associated with The Asatru Folk Assembly.
In a recent statement, The Asatru Folk Assembly declared point blank that non-white and LGBT Heathens were not welcome in their tradition. The Asatru Folk Assembly views do not represent our views at all!!! We hereby declare that we do not condone hatred or discrimination, and will not associate with those who do. We will not grant the tacit approval of silence in the name of frið, to those who would use these traditions to justify prejudice on the basis of race, nationality, orientation, or gender identity.
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