Walking With the Green Man

Father of the Forest, Spirit of Nature

Illustrated by Ian Daniels

Dr. Bob Curran

223 Blz., ISBN 978 156414 931 2     
New Page Books, 2007     

Who is the Green Man?

The image of the Green Man - the mysterious carved head surrounded by foliage - has both intrigued and mystified viewers and folklorists alike. Appearing in churches, taverns, and even on stately buildings, the carving seems shrouded in supernatural obscurity.

In this absorbing new book, Dr. Bob Curran traces the many stands that make up this enigmatic image. He explores its significance in the medieval world and its development in the modern world. He also investigates the image´s psychological appeal, and, drawing on a variety of sources, its impact on cultures throughout the world.

From heroic archetypes such as Robin Hood to Demigods such as Herne the Hunter, from the King of the Woods to the Jack in the Green, Walking With the Green Man examines the interconnection of Man and Nature throughout history.

It is a fascinating study that not only examines the history of the icon, but also its development within human perception.

Dr. Bob Curran is a psychologist and historian who has both written and lectured extensively on folklore and belief. He is the author of Vampires, Encyclopedia of the Undead, Celtic Lore & Legend, and A Field Guide to Irish Fairies. He currently lives in the North of Ireland with his wife and family.

Ian Daniels has illustrated book covers for Marion Zimmer Bradley, Orson Scott Card, and Poul Anderson. His illustration projects include Vampires, Encyclopedia of the Undead, Dragonlore, Gargoyles, Classic Celtic Fairytales, and Tales of the Celtic Otherworld.

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