T´ai Chi Ch´uan and I Ching

A Choreography of Body and Mind

Da Liu

123 Blz., ISBN 0 06 091309 6     
Harper &Row, 1987     

A careful and helpful guide for those who wish to follow a traditional Chinese way to health of body and depth of mind - detailed, illustrated descriptions of each movement, explaining the uses, underlying principles, and origin of T´ai Chi Ch´uan.

Any person, young or old, can do the exercises in this book for health, relaxation, and peace of mind. With T´ai Chi Ch´uan an individual can become attuned to the ever-flowing changes of earth and heaven - the yielding and firmness of yin and yang.

The T´ai Chi Ch´uan movements are related to the I Ching, the Chinese book of wisdom. As the individual masters these movements, he or she will understand that the outward motions of a healthy body come naturally from a disciplined, enlightened mind.

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