Places of Power

Measuring the secret energy of ancient sites

Paul Devereux

224 Pages, ISBN 0 7137 2765 9     
Published by Blandford, Second Edition, 1999     

For the first time ever, a book that can really tell you...

  • the energy secrets of stone circles such as Rollright, Oxfordshire, fieldbase of the Dragon Project.
  • what strange phenomenon an archaeologist saw inside a Cornish dolmen, and its significance at other sites.
  • why mysterious underground chambers could be the remnants of a prehistoric nuclear technology.
  • the story of the Peak of Angels where a saint had visions and you can sit in the Earth's magnetic field as it was when the poles were reversed.
  • the location of standing stones which will scramble your compass.

...and much more

Places of Power is the result of many years of field research and in this remarkable book Paul Devereux provides evidence to show that many sites are associated with strange lights, spontaneous paranormal events and electromagnetic energy effect. This edition updates the latest research on geophysical forces at ancient sacred places.

Paul Devereux has written almost 20 books including UFOs and Ufology, also published by Blandford. He is a founder and director of the Dragon Project and is a research fellow of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories group (ICRL), Princeton. An accomplished speaker, he has presented lectures and conducted workshops widely in the UK, USA and Europe.

'This is the book we have been waiting for since John Mitchell's View over Atlantis in 1969'
- BBC Wales

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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