Old Gods, New Druids

Robin Herne

247 Blz., ISBN 978 1 84694 226 6     
O Books, 2009     

The universe is filled with countless gods, goddesses and nature spirits. Many made themselves known to the Druids of ancient Northern Europe. How can modern day Druids make contact with these age-old Beings?

´Old Gods, New Druids´ offers a series of twenty humorous and informative lessons that can be used for group or solitary study and is ideal for people interested in Druidry and the Pagan spirituality of ancient Britain and Ireland.

Learn about the ancient Gods and other spirits, along with methods of honouring them through ritual, mysticism, poetry and storytelling. Find a spiritual discipline that embraces responsible hedonism whilst venerating the Land and all her children.

The growing worldwide interest in the old polytheist religions has led people to attempt to reconstruct the shattered traditions of earlier times. This book provides a model for recreating a working, coherent theology for anyone wanting to commune with their Gods and the Living Land, regardless of their origins or heritage.

"This is a very fine exposition of Druidry, fluent, graceful and witty, not only in terms of its content but also in the way it is expressed."
Emma Restall Orr, Head of The Druid Network, founder of Honouring the Ancient Dead, author of Living Druidry, Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics, and Kissing the Hag, among others.

"Robin Herne´s new book is a well-written and insightful account of polytheistic Druidry as practised by his group in East Anglia."
Dr Mark Williams, Celticist, at Peterhouse, Cambridge

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