Odin´s Wife

Mother Earth in German Mythology

William P. Reaves

359 Pages, ISBN 978 0 578 43042 3     
William P. Reaves, 2018     

The Definitive Study of Odin´s Wife, Frigg.

For more than a millennium, the people of Northern Europe venerated an Earth goddess, the oldest attested Germanic deity. Called by a number of names, when the accounts are compared, common traits emerge. She rides among her people in a wagon inspecting homes during Yule, rewarding the industrious and punishing the lazy. With her husband, she leads the fearsome Wild Hunt. Most often identified as Odin´s beloved wife, she is "Queen of Heaven" and "Mother of the Gods", roles firmly rooted in her Indo-European pedigree. Only now can the full scope of her reign be revealed.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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