North meets South

Theoretical aspects of the northern
and southern rock art traditions in Scandinavia

Edited by

Peter Skoglund, Johan Ling & Ulf Bertilsson

213 Pages, ISBN 978 1 78570 820 6     
Published by Oxbow Books, 2017     

There has been a tendency in rock art research to focus merely on either the Northern Tradition or the Southern Tradition of Scandinavian rock art and there is certainly a need to broaden this discussion. Thus, the aim of this collection of new research papers is to stimulate different perspectives and themes that place emphasis on the intersection between these traditions. North meets South -Theoretical aspects of the northern and southern rock art traditions in Scandinavia puts the focus on Scandinavian rock art regardless of regions and traditions. Even though there are obvious differences in space and time regarding these two traditions, there are also features and formats in common across both time and space, and a significant theme running thourgh the contributions presented here is to highlight the interaction between these rock art traditions. A major conclusion to be drawn from this exercise is the great complexity and variation of rock art and the need for perspectives comparing various regions across Scandinavia. This volume is the outcome of an international symposium organised by the Swedish Rock Art Research Archives (SHFA).

Peter Skoglund is a lecturer at Linnaeus University. His main research interest is the Bronze Age of Scandinavia with a special focus on the southern rock art tradition.

Johan Ling is director of Swedish Rock Art Research Archives (SHFA). He has published on topic like rock art, landscape and rock art chronology as well as the relation between rock art and metal consumption in the European Bronze Age.

Ulf Bertilsson is senior adviser and researcher at Swedish Rock Art Research Archives (SHFA). His main research interest is documentation history, documentation techniques, Bronze Age weapon depictions as well as cognitive theory in relation to rock art.

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