The Nigerian Nation & Religion

Interfaith series, Vol.1

Hyacinth Kalu

76 Pages, ISBN 978 1 4620 2736 1     
Published by iUniverse, 2011     

This book, which is the first of a-three-volume series of interfaith relationships in Nigeria, presents Nigeria as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, with religion controlling almost every aspects of life. It highlights the deep-rooted religious divide in Nigeria and looks into various ways that we can move beyond the religious bitterness existing among the three dominant religions in Nigeria (African traditional religion, Islam, and Christianity) and live, work and co-exit peacefully with one another as sisters and brothers. Although this volume begins with the history of Nigeria as nation, its primary interest, and indeed, the interest of the entire series, is not with the politics, economics, and culture of the Nigerian people per se; its primary focus is the religion of the people. Hence, it is a study of African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Christianity in Nigeria. The focus is not the theological and dogmatic principles and faith life of these religions, nor the individual and various sects within these religions; rather these religions are studied from the standpoint of interfaith encounter and relationships, as a requisite for peace, unity and harmony in Nigeria.

Hyacinth Kalu, Ph.D., is a Nigerian born Catholic Priest and a scholar with great passion for research, teaching and learning. He holds degrees in diverse academic fields of study including Religion, Education, Theology, Philosophy, Interfaith, and Culture, from Universities and Institutions around the World. He studied at University of the West, Rosemead, California; California Coast University, Santa Ana, California; Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California; Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont; and United States Institute of Peace, Washington D.C.; all in the United States of America. He also studied at St.Joseph Major Seminary, an affiliate of Pontifical Urban University, Rome; and Bigard Memorial Seminary, Nigeria. He specializes in Comparative Religion, and translates his research and scholarship into classroom and concrete daily-live examples. He is the author of the following books, The Word Took Flesh: Incarnating the Christian Message in Igbo Land of Nigeria in the Light of Vatican II's Theology of Inculturation; Essays on World Religious Thoughts: A Comparative Study.

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