The Literature of the Celts

Magnus Maclean

400 Blz., ISBN 1 85958 524 8     
Blackie & Son 1902, Senate 1998     

The captivating cycle of stories in the Arthurian romances written and compiled in the Middle Ages mark the time that English literature fell most strongly under the sway of the powerful Celtic imagination. Magnus Maclean tells the fascinating literary evolution of King Arthur - from a real-life Cornish chief with a small following in Wales, through to the mythical and heroic figure now firmly impresse in the popular imagination and most familiar to readers through the telling of the stories in Thomas Malory´s Celtic influenced Morte d´Arthur.

Magnus Maclean´s The Literature of the Celts, first published in 1902, provides a fascinating account of the development and spread of the literature of the Celts. The author traces the progress of the Celtic influence, from the advent of the Celts in the primitive Europe of the 10th century BC to the most glorious manifestation of the colourful Celtic imagination in the medieval romances.

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