Lilith - The First Eve

Historical & Psychological Aspects of the Dark Feminine

Siegmund Hurwitz

262 Blz., ISBN 978 3 85630 732 5     
Daimon Verlag, 1992. Revised third edition 2009     

In a fascinating excursion through the history of her myth, Siegmund Hurwitz presents and interprets the ancient dark-winged goddess Lilith, also known as ´the first Eve.´
The author´s extraordinarily meticulous study of the original sources brings to light a striking figure long lost from our awareness, yet highly relevant to a psychological understanding of today´s evolving masculine and feminine identities.
Case material from his analytical practice imbeds Lilith in the everyday problems of contemporary life.

That an unbridled life-urge which refuses to be assimilated lies behind depression... seems to me to be a new and important discovery. By combining the experience of a contemporary man with this historical material, Siegmund Hurwitz sheds new light on both.
- From the Foreword by Marie-Louise von Franz.

Dr. Siegmund Hurwitz was a member of the innermost circle of C.G. Jung´s so-called Zurich school and he received his analytic training from Jung, Toni Wolff and Marie-Louise von Franz. He was long a scholar of Jewish mysticism and, with his gift for language, was often sought out by Jung and others when there were ancient texts to be consulted.
Dr. Hurwitz published numerous articles and books over the course of his long lifetime, and he continued to maintain a small analytical practice in Zurich until his death in the Summer of 1994.

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