The Ifa/Orisha Religious Tradition

A New Global Perspective

Oloye "Baba" Ifa Karade

214 Pages, ISBN 978 179306 998 6     
Published by Amazon, 2018     

This textbook is for anyone interested in the Ifa/Orisha religion, history, and culture. Insightful and astute, the text goes beyond the depiction of Yoruba (as it is often called) being viewed as merely a secretive magico-practice held on to by enslaved West Africans during the Maafa. Instead, the reader is shown via emperical and anecdotal evidence that Ifa is a means of spiritual understanding, enlightenment, and cultural affirmation. This work will demonstrate beyond shadows that Ifa is worthy of global recognition and is of value to the upliftment of humanity.

Oloye "Baba" Ifa Karade is the renowed author of The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts  (Also published in Dutch: "Yoruba, Handboek der Afrikaanse Mystiek"). He has sojourned to Nigeria, Brazil, the Caribbean, parts of Europe and throughout the U.S. as presenter, lecturer, and student. In 2003 he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in Ifa and in 2011 an Archive was established in his name. Currenty, he's an adjunct professor of English at Essex County College, Newark, NJ. He continues to write nonfiction and speculative fiction based on African culture.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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