An introduction to the history and mystery of their magical realm

Plain & Simple - The only book you´ll ever need

Ralph Harvey

134 Blz., ISBN 978 1 57174 782 2     
Hamptom Roads Publishing Company, 2008 - 2017     

Your Guide to Exploring the Fairy Realm

Fairies abound in myth and folklore. They have enchanted humans for centuries - but are these mischievous, ethereal creatures more than just myth?

One could ask for no better guide to the fairy realm than Ralph Harvey, one of England´s foremost modern-day witches. In Fairies Plain & Simple, he intersperses tales of his own intriguing fairy encounters (among them, a mysterious musical interlude in an Irish valley) with succint yet interesting introductions to fairy lore.

You will learn why primroses have special meaning to fairies, why "elf bolts" are significant, and how fairies influenced everyone from Henry III to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Harvey even describes the best ways to seek out fairies (hint: aligning your chakras will help) and how to express gratitude for fairy favors.

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