Druid Priestess

An Intimate Journey Through the Pagan year

Emma Restall Orr

237 Blz., ISBN 0 00 710769 2     
Thorsons, 1998     

A fascinating personal account of a year in the life of a Druid Priestess.

Modern Druidry is one of the fastest growing spiritual traditions. There is a large increase in the number of people wishing to find a spiritual path that takes them into a closer relationship with the natural world. In this intimate and inspiring account, the renowned British Druid Priestess Emma Restall Orr allows us to travel with her through the seasons of the year and experience the power of the ceremonies as she performs them. This passionate and often humorous account of her journey into the ancient Druidic world, will appeal to anyone interested in living a spiritual life.

This riveting and accessible journey is the first spiritual adventure book to be written from a Druidic perspective and gives the reader a direct insight into this ancient tradition. Emma Restall Orr is Joint Chief of the British Druid Order.

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