The Culture of the Teutons

Volume 1 & 2

Vilhelm Gronbech

430 Pages, ISBN 978 145281 1338     
Published by HeathenGods, 2010     

"And there is but one passion that can let loose this accumulated force: His passion for honour. For the Northman to be affected by this of that in what he meets depends on something that has happened, something past, and something ahead, an event which has happened to himself or his ancestors, and an event which must be brought to pass for the betterment of himself and his descendants. He does not live in the moment: he uses the moment to reckon out: how can it serve him to the attainment of his end..."
- From The Culture of the Teutons

Vilhelm Gronbech (1873-1948) was a doctor of philosophy and a professor of religious history at the University of Copenhagen, and the author of numerous books on language, religion, and literary figures.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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