Brigit´s Festival of Light & Life
Feast of Flames

Amber K  &  Azrael Arynn K

248 Pages, ISBN 0 7387 0079 7     
Llewellyn Publications, 2003     

In a season dark and cold, let the Imbolg candles´ glow
spark our hopes and warm the hearth,
and welcome light´s return to Earth

Beyond the darkness of winter, there is an oasis of light and warmth on the journey from solstice to spring. Known as Candlemas, Imbolg, Brigantia, or Lupercus, it is a hope-filled celebration held in early February to welcome the returning light and the promise of spring. Candlemas sheds light on the origins, lore, and customs of this ancient holy day with:

  • Myths and stories: Brigit the Goddess, Brigid the Saint, and her meaning today
  • Candlemas magick and divination: flame scrying, hearthside divination, candle magick, and protection magick
  • Late winter goodies and feasts: Brede's Braid Bread, Guiness Stew, Bubble and Squeak, Mulled Cider or Wine
  • February festivals and traditions: rituals for purification, blessings, and renewal, from the Irish, British, Scots, Welsh, Norwegian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese cultures
  • Seasonal crafts and games: Brigid's crosses or sun wheels, Begging for Biddy, and a Brigit corn dolly

Amber K is an ordained High Priestess of Wicca, and has served as National First Officer and National Publications Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess.
She is the author of Covencraft and True Magick, and co-author, with Azrael Arynn K, of Heart of Tarot.

Azrael Arynn K is a third-degree Wiccan Priestess and has also held offices in the Covenant of the Goddess. Both reside in New Mexico, teaching classes and leading ritual.

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