The Celtic Goddess Who Became a Saint

Sebastian Berg

63 Pages, ISBN 978 0645 4456 71     
Published by Creek Ridge Publishing, 2022     

Who was Brigid? Why was she so important to the Celts? How did she become a saint? This book will explore the answers to these questions and more. While her story begins in Celtic Ireland, her influence has spread far and wide. Today, Brigid is venerated by Christians and pagans alike. Once you understand her story, it's easy to see why.

Brigid was the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, and healing. She was also the patroness of poets and smiths. To the Celts, she was a powerful figure who could bring both life and death. In today's world, she is known as the protector of animals, children, and pregnant women. This book will explore Brigid's origins, impact on Celtic culture, and legacy in the modern world.

(The text above comes from the introduction inside the book)     

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