The Book of the Great Queen

The many faces of The Morrigan,
From ancient legends to modern devotions

Morpheus Ravenna

487 Blz., ISBN 978 0 9903927 1 2     
Concrescent Press, Richmond CA, USA 2015     

The Book of the Great Queen is an extensive analysis of the literary, historical, and archeological records of the Morrigan and the Celtic societies in which She was first worshipped. But it´s more than a work of scholarship - it´s a guide to encountering and experiencing the Great Queen for yourself. The individual and group practices Morpheus Ravenna describes are a blueprint for the restoration of devotional polytheism in the contemporary world.

John Beckett - Druid and blogger, Under the Ancient Oaks     

Morpheus Ravenna´s The Book of the Great Queen fills a definite need for modern devotees of The Morrigan and Her Sisters, and creates a paradigm to which future book-lengt treatments of deities can aspire. The legacy of history and mythology is summarized in detail, while the concerns of more modern practical matters and the devotional needs of people in our own time are likewise given equal merit and concern in Morpheus´ text. One will find, here combined, the echoes of these words from scholars over the past century, and likewise the lessons from experience of a dedicated priestess whose engagement with This Goddess is ongoing. To say this is indispensable work for anyone interested in this topic would be an understatement!

Rev. Dr. P. Sufenas Virius lupus     

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