Autumn Equinox

History, Lore & Celebration

Anna Franklin

195 Blz., ISBN 978-1-907614-14-9     
Lear Books, 2013     

The autumn equinox marks the end of the year´s cycle of growth, the completion of the harvest and the culmination of all the work of the agricultural year. Light and darkness stand in balance once more but the darkness is gaining, and we are moving towards winter. It is a dual festival of light and darkness, joy and sorrow, a time of abundance that marks the death of the Corn Lord. The expansive, active part of the year is over and it is time to turn inwards. The sun´s power is waning, but deprived of the external light, we encounter inner illumination.

Explore the history and themes of the autumn equinox, and celebrate with ritual, food, herb craft and more.

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