The Yoruba

from Prehistory to the Present

Aribidesi Usman and Toyin Falola

496 Pages, ISBN 978 1 107 68394 5     
Published by Cambridge University Press, 2019     

"This volume is an ambitious and welcome development in Yoruba historical scholarship, seeking to unravel, consolidate, and extend the Yoruba cultural, historical, political, and even diasporic beingness. It is a magnificent and magisterial intellectual offering deserving a place on the shelves of Yoruba and non-Yoruba scholars, all students of culture, as well as cultural enthusiasts."
- Adeshina Afolayan, University of Ibadan, author of Philosophy and National Development in Nigeria (2018).

"As well-established and outstanding scholars of Yoruba history, Aribidesi Usman and Toyin Falola address topics that are wide-ranging in scope and interdisciplinary in nature. This book will attract the attention of cultural historians and scholars of African studies. Their perspectives on richly sourced and lively narratives are truly engaging."
- Professor Rowland Abíódún, Amherst College

"This is a rare book of great value. It presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Yoruba nation, displaying multi-faceted perspectives with insights on history, religion, sociology, economics, language, politics, cultural practices, art, eashetics and creativity, colonial experience, and migration. No other publication achieves this unique coverage."
- Professor Akíntúndé Akínyemí, University of Florida

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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