Yemoja / Olokun

Ifá and the Spirit of the Ocean

Awo Fá'lokun Fatunmbi

32 Pages, ISBN 0 942272 33 1     
Original Publications, 1992     

Yemoja/Olokun is the name of two Spiritual Forces in the West African religious tradition called "Ifa". The word "Yemoja" is an elision of the Yoruba Oriki (praise name) "Yeye mo oja" which means "Mother of Fish". The word "Olokun" is a contraction of Olohun meaning "owner" and "okun" meaning "ocean". Both of these words are the names given to describe a complex convergence of Spiritual Forces that are key elements in the Ifa concept of fertility. Those Spiritual Forces that form the foundation of Yemoja and Olokun's role in the Spirit Realm relate to the relationship between water and birth.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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