The Story of Dusty Miller

Michael Kelly

185 Pages, ISBN 978 1 4609 8378 2     
Published by Michael Kelly, 2011     

Dusty Miller 13th is an English Shaman and Folk Magician. He is descended from the aboriginal inhabitants of Britain, the Elfin tribes who dwelt in the primeval forest before the Celtic invasions. He carries the traditions and wisdom of his Elfin ancestors through into the modern day.

In this book, written with the consent and active cooperation of Dusty and his family, Dusty´s relationship with the Ancient Tree Spirits known as Dryads is explained, along with the manner in which he gathers LiveWood from the Dryads - wood which still contains a living, sentient spirit - and crafts it into magical tools, such as wands, staves, cudgels and pendants. These Live Wood artifacts are items possessed of powerful and ancient Magick, with an emphasis upon healing, protection and becoming succesful in life.

Dusty´s story is a fascinating one, which also includes many ancestral tales of Britain before the Celts and insights into Leylines and megalithic stones and the ways in which they can harness and intensify Magick.

But most of all, Dusty is revealed to be a very humble and unassuming man, with an honest desire to help folk around him with his unique skills and wisdom.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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