The Wisdom of the Wyrd

Teachings for today from our ancient past

From the bestselling author of The Way of Wyrd

Brian Bates

306 Blz., ISBN 0 7126 7277 X     
Rider - Ebury Press, 1996     

´The concept and energy of Wyrd has lain just beneath the surface of our consciousness in a shadow world, awaiting the time when it may again be needed in the light. Now is that time.´

Today, many of us hunger for guidance on how best to live our lives. In this fascinating and scholary book, psychologist Dr. Brian Bates offers a journey into a way of wisdom which once was ours a thousand years ago when our ancestors lived as indigenous peoples in ancient Europe.

To them, the archaic word ´Wyrd´ meant all that was sacred and unexplainable - the force which underlay all life. This force was at the heart of their spiritual tradition which, in its scope and depth, had remarkable parallels to the Eastern Tao and the Native Americans´ Great Spirit.

Drawing on twenty years of research, Brian Bates gives a rich description of the creative, organic vision of the world which our ancestors held - at the centre of which were the shamans, powerful figures who mediated directly with the spirits and the pulse of the Earth´s rhythm. He also shows how, through practical techniques and meditations, as well as through extraordinarily fertile stories from our past, we can once again rediscover and reclaim our sacred heritage - a wisdom which is still deep within us all, and needs only to be brought to the surface.

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