Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits

William R. Mistele

296 Blz., ISBN 978 1 55643 908 7     
North Atlantic Books, 2010     

Undines (from the Latin root unda, which means "wave") are water elementals, or spirits of the water world. They appear in oral traditions, historical literature, and mythology and their name is often used interchangeably with those of other water spirits - mermaid, selkie, siren. But direct experience with these mysterious creatures of lakes, oceans, and waterfalls is quite rare. Author William Mistele is one of the few who has devoted much of his life to communicating with them.
Taking readers directly into the realm of the water spirits, Mistele tells stories from the undines´ perpective that address life´s perennial questions: Why are we here? What is the deepest purpose of life? Through his conversations with undines we begin to learn of the qualities undines have mastered and that humanity so greatly lacks: empathy, inner peace with the universe, divine sensuality, and love that is everywhere in every moment. In this regard, undines are our teachers.

"Undines resonates with an uncanny combination of timely relevance and timeless wisdom. This book´s message is powerful and inspiring."
- Philip Carr-Gomm, author of The Druid Way

"A unique and entertaining vision of the elemental realms. Undines presents us with a fascinating glimpse into the author´s very personal relationship with the universal underpinnings of reality. This book will undoubteldly inspire a deeper respect and affection for the intelligent forces of nature."
- Rawn Clark, author of A Bardon Companion

"William Mistele not only articulates how mermaids see humanity, he helps us develop their inner connection to rivers, lakes, and oceans so that our love of nature becomes as deep as theirs."
- Rich Budnick, author of Hawaii´s Forgotten History

"By revealing the mysterious life of the sea through personal encounter and dialoge, William R. Mistele gives undines, mermaids, and water spirits the serious attention they deserve."
- Caitlín Matthews, author of Singing the Soul Back Home

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