The Triumph of the Moon

A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft

Ronald Hutton

486 Blz., ISBN 978 0 19 285449 0     
Oxford University Press, 1999     

´a fine book ... no one, after reading it, will think about Britain in quite the same way again.´
T.M. Luhrmann, Times Literary Supplement

This book offers the first full-scale scholarly study of the only religion England has ever given the world: modern pagan witchcraft. Ronald Hutton examines the nature of this religion, its development, and attitudes toward it in British society since 1800, presenting an authoritative insight into a hitherto little-known ascpect of modern social history.

´It all makes for riveting reading and, despite Hutton´s demolition of the supposed lineage of witchcraft, I am temted after reading his book to become a witch myself.´
Robert Irwin, Independent

´Hutton has synthesised a huge body of sources, and woven together a fascinating narrative with supreme skill ... his Triumph of the Moon proves to be a triumph of cultural history.´
Owen Davies, History Today

´Hutton shows a bracing and candid scepticism about the architects op pagan witchcraft ... a very interesting story.´
Marina Warner, The Times

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