Tales of the Tuatha De Danann

A Dual Language Collection of Irish myth, volume 2

Morgan Daimler

82 Blz., ISBN 978 1537 1897 89     
Morgan Daimler, 2016     

This dual language pocket book represents a collection of new translations of several Irish myths and texts from folklore. Each story is first presented in the original Old Irish and then in English so that a reader can experience the story as it existed in the original before reading a new translation. Many of the existing translations are around a hundred years old, and often either exclude material or else skew the retelling to fit the mores of a more Victorian audience. The translations included here in stories including The Struggle of the Two Swineherds and the Wooing of Emer are an attemtp to find a balance between a more literal translation that is still enjoyable to an English speaking audience. Material included focuses on the the Irish Gods and related mythic beings, as well as some fragments of wisdom texts.

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