A Brief History of Stonehenge

A complete history and archaeology
of the world´s most enigmatic stone circle

Aubrey Burl

368 Pages, ISBN 978 1 84529 591 2     
Constable & Robinson, 2007     

Shining new light on England´s
most mysterious ancient monument

Archaeologist Aubrey Burl is recognized as Britain´s leading expert on stone circles. Here he tells anew the story of England´s most enigmatic ancient site, Stonehenge, and why it continues to fascinate historians, archaeologists and others. Each successive generation has developed its own reading of the stones.

Piece by piece Burl comprehensively debunks long-held myths and mystical notions with meticulous research and cutting-edge science - as he does so, far from stripping the stones of their magic he opens our eyes to a greater understanding and admiration for them. Key relevations concern

  • how the Heel Stone pre-dates the monument itself
  • how the Welsh bluestones arrived at the site
  • the true astronomical meaning of the setting of the stones
  • the relationship between the monument and the burial grounds that surround it

"Thorough, intelligent, and above all, wonderfully readable."  Independent

"An informed, informative, and well-balanced survey of the facts, fictions, and problems of our stone circles."  Guardian

"Magnificent - thorough, lucid, scholarly, and at times poetic... A landmark book."  San Francisco Review of Books

"Entertaining and thought-provoking."  British Archaeology

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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