Afro-Caribbean Religion and its Origins

Clara Robinson

62 Pages, ISBN 979 87805 3330 6     
Published by Amazon, 2021     

For centuries, Santería has been part of life in the Americas. From the island nation of Cuba, where it first emerged, it has been disseminated throughout Latin America and has a significant presence in the United States of America. It has adherents in nations across the Atlantic - even in those nations that were once driving forces in the colonialist project of subduing the Americas.

What you'll learn in this book will challenge the popular depiction of Santería that so many of us are accustomed to. You'll discover that Santería is a communally-based, no hierarchical, grassroots religion and that one of its most pressing aims is to make its followers better people.

You'll learn about a religion that has withstood external distortion and defamation and even a US court case to retain the right to its religious practices. You'll meet, in this book, a Santería you never imagined existed.

Join me for the fascinating journey into the heart of Santería, a religion that neither colonialism nor communism could vanquish, and which today boasts millions of believers all over the world.

Clara Robinson

(The text above comes from the preface in the book)     

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