Santería and Orishas

An Essential Guide to Lucumi Spells, Rituals and African Orisha Deities along with Their Presence in Yoruba, Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santería

Mari Silva

245 Pages, ISBN 97 9 85118 8558 2     
Published by Amazon, 2021     

2 manuscripts in one book:

  • Santería: The Ultimate Guide to Lucumi Spells, Rituals, Orishas, and Practices, Along with the History of How Yoruba Lived On in America
  • Orishas: The Ultimate Guide to African Orisha Deities and Their Presence in Yoruba, Santería, Voodoo, and Hoodoo, Along with an Explanation of Diloggun Divination

Santería is a syncretic religion of African roots, particularly among the Yoruba people of West Africa. In Spanish, Santería means: "The Way of the Saints," but many people refer to it by other names. Some call it La Regla de Ocha, which means "The Order of the Orishas," and others call it La Religion Lucumi, meaning "The Order of Lucumi."
Santería is not an archaic religion. The religious tradition was developed in Cuba and spread from there to Latin America and the United States. With over five hundred years of history, it is more a lifestyle than a religion. There are millions of practitioners across the Caribbean, United States, South America, and Central America. These adherents are of different backgrounds, and they come from varying walks of life.
Recently, there has been a surge in its popularity, causing more people to want to learn about Santería. This religion's basis is to help you develop personal relationships with the orishas through varying spiritual practices from mediumship to divination and sacrifice. By establishing a relationship with the orisha deities, you place yourself under their protection and wisdom. They can serve as your guide toward personal and professional success. Access to the orishas has many benefits, as you will find in this book.
Naturally, the increasing popularity of Santería has caused many books and guides on the topic to appear on the market. Although many of these resources claim to offer the secrets to the orishas' ways, only a few of them fulfill their promises.
This book is your one-stop-shop for everything there is to know about the orishas and how they can help you live a fulfilled life, Written in simple and straightforward language, it covers the practice of Santería form the very beginning to the present day.

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