Rituals of Celebration

Honoring the Seasons of Life through the Wheel of the Year

Jane Meredith

322 Pages, ISBN 978 0 7387 3544 3     
Published by Llewellyn, 2021     

"A generous book that gives from the heart and speaks to what is real in the celebration of the Wheel of the Year."
- Dr. Tricia Szirom, author of Seasons of the Goddess

Create a deeper experience of the Wheel of the Year for yourself and your community. In Rituals of Celebration, author Jane Meredith provides lyrical accounts of the most memorable rituals she's organized, as well as how to instructions for creating them. Inspired by Pagan, Druid, and Goddess traditions, the rituals are crafted to help us honor the changing seasons and to mark the important milestones of our personal journeys in a way that is relevant to contemporary life.

Along with the rituals, you will discover craft projects that go hand-in-hand with each festival - perfect ideas for artistic expression whether you are practicing alone, with a group, or celebrating with children. With additional instructions for building an altar and other basic tasks, this guide includes everything you need to create celebrations that will resonate deeply within you, your family, and your life.

Jane Meredith is a writer and a priestess of the Goddess who presents her workshops and rituals internationally. She is the coeditor of Elements of Magic and coauthor of Magic of the Iron Pentacle. Jane is a frequent guest at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and Australian Goddess Conference and has been running Wheel of the Year Rituals for more than fifteen years. She and her family live in Australia. Visit her at www.JaneMeredith.com for more information.

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