The Orishas in Lucumi Rule

Complete Guide to the Female and Male Deities,
Queens and Kings of the Yoruba Lucumi Religious Tradition
in Cuban Santeria

Mariela Alban - Oni Yemaya

212 Pages, ISBN 979 84425 3910 3     
Published by Amazon, 2022     

When we initially showed interest in the religion of the Orishas, we completely ignored everything related to their rituals, who are their Orishas and characteristics. But, those of us who initially encourage a serious interest in knowing them, we seek rapprochement, in different ways.

One thing is certain: everything you think you know about the Orisha's religion is only the tip of the iceberg, the bulk is yet to be seen. While many cultures around the world exemplify aspects of nature as divine elements, the Yorubas give the best example of the representation of each aspect of nature in each of their Orishas.

The Yoruba people are a millennial culture that has stood the test of time. In Cuba, the USA and the Caribbean in general, the bases were laid by slaves forcibly brought on transatlantic voyages since the beginning of the 16th century (1500s) of their culture. That through time, it was transformed permeated by the other accompanying cultures in those journeys and by the influence of Catholicism, in a new vision called Rule Lucumi, or Rule of Osha, or Santeria that continued to prosper to this day.

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