Old Ways Old Secrets, Pagan Ireland

Myth, Landscape, Tradition

Photography by Richard Mills

Jo Kerrigan

288 Blz., ISBN 978 1 84717 281 5     
The O´Brien Press Ltd, 2015     

In a land like ours, the old beliefs bring pleasure and wisdom ...

Many Irish traditions, still alive today, reach back to a time before Christianity, before St Patrick, when nature was celebrated and the female spirit was honoured.

Jo Kerrigan takes us on a magical journey into the worlds of druids and pookas, legendary heroes and warrior queens; from the breathtaking Skelligs and the powerfull Gougana Barra to your humble hedgerow, which may hold the secrets to fertility, health and happiness.
Old Ways, Old Secrets lifts Ireland´s modern layers to reveal a hidden world beneath, connecting us to our ancestors and unlocking the mysteries of our beautiful landscape.

´Fascinating ... A lovely book about Irish myths and traditions.´ - Donegal Post

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