North Sea Water in my Veins

The Pre-Christian Spirituality of The Low Countries

Imelda Almqvist

359 Pages, ISBN 978 1 78904 906 0     
Published by Moon Books, 2022     

North Sea Water in My Veins is a quest for the reconstruction of an indigenous or native spirituality of the Low Countries and covers pre-Christian material from the Netherlands, Belgium and the region just across the German border. Seeking out and documenting ancient gods and goddesses, practices and traditions, this book asks the question: is there enough material for such a reconstruction?
The conclusion is a resounding yes!

"Imelda Almqvist's new book is like a treasure chest of ancestral jewels. So much of our literature today is revisionist history, written by the victors of wars or lost on the dusty shelves of time. In this book, Imelda brings the past alive and discovers resources for reconnecting with our ancestors, their ancient wisdom teachings, and our own soal. With this scholary exploration you can retrieve the frozen parts of our North-Western European ancestry, some dredged up from the depths of the North Sea!"
- Michael Stone, author, mentor, teacher, radio host and producer of The Shift Network's Global Shamanism Summits

Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic teacher and painter. She teaches courses in shamanism and sacred art internationally and her paintings appear in art collections all over the world. She is the author of Natural Born Shamans, Sacred Art - A Hollow Bone for Spirit and Medicine of the Imagination: Dwelling in Possibility.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

Disappointing. The title of the book and the text on the back really appealed to me. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the book. For example, information was uncritically taken from vague new age books and that information was presented as factual. Imelda has not checked her sources but has adopted them uncritically. The book also provides a lot of good information, quoted from books by Luit van der Tuuk, Gunivortus Goos (GardenStone) and Abe (the narrator) van der Veen. It is much better to read their books instead of this book by Imelda Almqvist.
- Martin Roek

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