The Meaning of Witchcraft

Gerald Gardner

272 Blz., ISBN 1 57863 309 5     
Red Wheel / Weiser, 2004     

Praise for Gerald Gardner, one of the original founders of the modern Wicca and Witchcraf revival:

"The Meaning of Witchcraft draws you in and will introduce you to the ancient practices and beliefs of the Old Religion, with fascinating details of history, myth, and legends. This is one of my favorite reference books."

- Raymond Buckland, author of Buckland´s Complete     
Book of Witchcraft
, The Witch Book, and more     

"If it weren´t for Gerald Gardner, contemporary Wicca would not exist. There would surely be Pagans and modern worshippers of Goddesses and Gods, but Wicca itself, if it existed at all, would have a far different form. If you haven´t read The Meaning of Witchcraft, this book still stands up as a basic Wiccan text, and if you are reading it again after a long hiatus, several decaeds perhaps, you will be surprised how well it stands the test of time."

- Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon     

"The Meaning of Witchcraft remains, even after almost 50 years, a classic work on the subject of witchcraft. It would be ignorant not to recognize the importance of this book in the development of Wicca as it is today. For this reason, it remains an important book in the history of the craft and continues to be compulsory reading within many covens."

Janet Farrar (A Witches´ Bible, The Witches´ Goddess     
and Gavin Bone, co-authors of The Healing Craft     

"The Meaning of Witchcraft is essential reading for any modern Witch. It is full of practical and esoteric observarions than can help give 21st century witches a stronger sense of continuity and purpose, reassuring them that they are in fact a potent part of the evolution of one of the most exciting, passionate and possibly oldest expressions of the human spirit."

Fiona Horne, author of The Coven: Making     
Magick Together
and Witch: A Magical Journey     

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