Master Cheng´s New Method
of TaiChi Ch´uan Self-Cultivation

Translated by Mark Hennessy

Cheng Man-ch´ing

128 Blz., ISBN 978 1 88331 992 2     
Blue Snake Books, 1999     

Master Cheng´s New Method of TaiChi Ch´uan Self-Cultivation is the culmination and completion of Cheng-Man-ch´ing´s life work: the Simplified Method of Yang Style TaiChi. This text is his final book, translated into English here for the first time. Now students of all taichi styles have a chance to study the methods of Cheng Man-ch´ing directly, with the aid of 180 photographs and 160 foot diagrams.
Master Cheng provides practitioners with a complete and concise guide to the Short Form, enabling them to make rapid progress. Expanding from the mechanical outline in T´ai Chi Ch´uan: A Simplified method of Calisthenics for Health and Self-Defence, Cheng goes into great detail describing the postures, and more importantly, how to transition smoothly from one stance to another. As in his previous work, Cheng Tzu´s Thirteen Treatises on T´ai Chi Ch´uan, he continues his explanation of taichi´s place in the history of Chinese philosophy, drawing parallels with the I Ching, and sampling from the Yellow Emperor´s Classic. For martial artists in pursuit of internal achievement, this will be an essential volume.

Mark Hennessy spent eleven years in China studying philosophy, classical language, and taich ch´uan. He has lectured at the National College of Political Science in Taiwan and Yonsei University in Seoul. His previous translations of Cheng´s writings are: Cheng Man-ch´ing: Master of Five Excellences and Cheng Man-ch´ing: Essays on Man and Culture.

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