Living Asatru

Greg (Dux) Shetler

88 Pages, ISBN 1-59109-911-0     
Booksurge Publishing, 2003     

Asatru is the reborn worship of the gods of the ancient Teutonic peoples - Germans, Saxons, Jutes, Angles, Danes, Norse, and others of Northern Europe. There are many books that provide information on the historical record, and others that provide information on the re-created religion and its practices.

Never before has there been a simple guide to living according to the precepts of Asatru.

Now there is.

The book you are holding in your hands is a simple guide written by a man usually known as Dux (pronounced ducks) online and to his friends. This is his interpretation of how to put the ideals and ethics of Asatru belief into practice in daily life. This book is small not because it contains little, but because it was intended to be an inexpensive, easily understood and referenced guide to new and old Asatruar alike.

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