The Krampus

and the old, dark christmas
Roots and rebirth of the folkloric devil

Al Ridenour

256 Pages, ISBN 978-1-62731-034-5     
Feral Hous, 2016     

The Krampus, a folkloric devil associated with St. Nicolas in Alpine Austria and Germany is now becoming part of the American Christmas.

But the old world from which he comes knew a very different holiday, one haunted by ghosts, witches, devilish horsemen, murderous incarnations of Catholic saints, the demonic Perchten, and witch-like Frau Perchta, knows for disemboweling naughty children.

Even the church once celebrated this holiday with plays depieting the Devil, Antichrist, and Herod´s gory Massarcre of the Innocents. Together, these strange winter traditions gave birth to a monster now more popular than ever, the Krampus.

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