A Practical Guide

Mary Neasham

159 Blz., ISBN 978 0954 2963 1 5     
Green Magic Publishing, 2003     

Have you ever wondered where the expressions Honeymoon and Tying the Knot come from, in association with marriage?

Handfasting: A Practical Guide takes you on a historical journey, starting with pre-Christian times. It describes the customs and traditions associated with betrothal, from times and places in the world when our forbears were in tune with the changing seasons and the natural rhythms of the world they lived in.

The increasing popularity of handfasting is recognition that the current alternatives of church or civil ceremonies offer little in the way of deeper meaning in our increasingly Pagan times.

Mary Neasham offers practical advice on creating your own handfasting ceremony. A very modern way to commit to another person based on the lore and customs of our ancestors.

"A treasury of information, useful, and wise."
- Glennie Kindred - author of Sacred Celebrations.

"An excellent book written to suit the initiated, the curious and de layperson. Highly recommended." - Avalon

"A very accessible, yet comprehensive guide." - Pentacle

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