Goddess Holle

3rd revised and supplemented edition

Gunivortus Goos

416 Blz., ISBN 978 3 749 49666 2     
Books on Demand GmdH, 2019     

Frau Holle achieved wordwide fame through the fairy tale about her by the Brothers Grimm. But that story is only ´the tip of the iceberg´, because an abundance of folktales, customs and folk knowledge reflects an ancient and extremely powerful goddess who watches over the cycle of life - from birth to death - and who shows a direct interest in humanity and all other beings of the earth.

A thorough revision and significant additions to the previous 2nd edition resulted in the present book, which is also translated anew from scratch, in which the latest research, knowledge and views are incorporated and discussed.

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Author's website:: www.Boudicca.de
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