Following the path of Fairy Witchcraft

Morgan Daimler

285 Blz., ISBN 978 1 78535 051 1     
Moon Books, 2016     

An in-depth manual for practicing Fairy Witchcraft including theology, fairy lore, rituals, holidays, and magical practices. This book aims to pick up where Pagan Portals - Fairy Witchcraft leaves off and teach interested people the comprehensive practice of this system of honoring the Fair Folk and liminal Gods by blending the old Fairy Faith with modern paganism.

"An in-depth and detailed book about working with REAL fairy witchcraft, Morgan Daimler draws on her own vast wealth of knowlegde and experience as well as traditional folk lore and ancient myths and legends. Definitely a must for those that wish to find out more about this intriguing pathway."
Rachel Patterson, author of A Kitchen Witch´s World of Magical Food and A Kitchen Witch´s World of Magical Herbs & Plants

"There are a number of books out there about fairies, and most decribe something more akin to Tinkerbelle than real faeries. Only a rare few come close to descibing the true nature of the fay and how to work with them. This is one of those rare gems. If you want to understand and work with real faeries this is the book for you."
Stephanie Woodfield, author of Celtic Lore & Spellcraf of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan

"Utterly comprehensive and compulsively readable guide to Fairycraft."
Brendan Howlin, author of The Handbook of Urban Druidry: Modern Druidry for All

Morgan is a blogger, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects, witch, Druid, dedicant of Macha, and wandering priest/ess of Odin, located in Connecticut, USA.

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