Essential Ásatrú

Walking the Path of Norse Paganism

Foreword by Isaac Bonewits

Diana L. Paxson

204 Pages, ISBN 978-0-8065-2708-6     
Citadel Press, 2006     

In Essential Ásatrú, renowned author and priestess Diana Paxson demysifies an ancient, rich, and often misunderstood religion, and offers a practical guide for its modern followers.

Filled with clear, concise instructions on living Aacute;satrú every day, this truly accessible guide takes you on a journey from Aacute;satrú origins in Scandinavian and German paganism to its acceptance as an official religion in the 1970s.

Essential Ásatrú also includes:

  • A Complete history of Ásatrú gods and goddesses, including Odin, Thor, and Ostara
  • The life values, such as honor, truth, fidelity, and hospitality, that shape Ásatrú´s tenets
  • Indispensable information on rituals, rune casting, ethics, and divination

Essential Ásatrú is an elegant and splendid introduction to a centuries old religion that continues to enrich and fascinate its followers today.

"She is an accomplished writer...
  I look forward to reading any of Diana Paxson´s work."

- Marion Zimmer Bradley     

Diana L. Paxson has been a consecrated Ásatrú priestes since 1982. She is the founder of the fellowship of the Spiritual Path and an elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and the Troth. She is also the editor of the popular journal Idunna. She is a bestselling author of fiction and nonfiction books on the Pagan religion, and lives in Berkeley, California.

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