Preachers of Immortality

Anne Ross

222 Blz., ISBN 978 0 7524 2576 4     
The History Press, 1999 - 2017     

Druidism was the religion of the Celts and the Druids themeselves were all-powerful, taking precedence over the Celtic kings. Over and above the evidence of classical texts and of archaeology, the richest source of information about the Druids is the vernacular material from Ireland and Wales.
It is the author´s unparalleled familiarity with the Gaelic texts, and her ability to see Druidism through Celtic eyes, that marks out this study from earlier books and strips away modern myths about the Druids.

Having made her academic reputation with her seminal work Pagan Celtic Britain, Dr.Ross has also published on the folklore of the Scottish Highlands and of Wales.

´Dr.Ross, exceedingly well qualified to treat so difficult a subject, places her study against the widest possible background of Celtic study and civilisation.´ - Antiquity

´Anne Ross remains at the top of her form´ - Current Archaeology

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