Blood & Mistletoe

The History of the Druids in Britain

Ronald Hutton

492 Blz., ISBN 978-0-300-17085-6     
Uitgeverij Yale University Press, 2011     

´Magisterial and eminently readable.´
- Tony Robinson

Ronald Hutton´s captivating book is the first to encompass two thousand years of Druid history and to explore the evolution of English, Scottish and Welsh attitudes toward the forever ambiguous figures of the ancient Celtic world. Hutton charts how the Druids have been written in and out of history, archaeology and the public consciousness for some five hundred years. Sprakling with legends and images and filled with new perpectives on ancient and modern times, this book is a fascinating cultural study of Druids as catalysts in British history.

´Lucid, open-minded, encyclopaedic and yet still fascinating - almost perfect history if such a thing were possible.´
- Terry Jones

´This book is a tour de force: surely the definitive work on our perception of the Druids´
- Independent

´An ably researched and well-written book... notable for its humour as well as its scholarship´
- Peter Ackroyd, The Times

´A densely erudite yet splendidly readable book... worth reading not only as the authoritative history of Druids, but as a disquisition on the nature and uses of history by one of Britain´s greatest living historians.´
- History Today

´All the difficult and contentious answers are now assebled in Ronald Hutton´s erudite, humane and compelling study´
- The Sunday Times

´An engrossing, endlessly thought-provoking read.´
- Scotsman

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