At Elder Shrines

Exploring the Pagan Franks

Gunivortus Goos (GardenStone)

556 Blz., ISBN 9783744872324 - Books on Demand, 2017     

When discussing the people of the Franks, the name of Charlemagne is often mentioned already early in the conversation. But this ruler began by inheriting a legacy, the foundations of which had been laid several centuries before. This started as early as the 3rd century, when Germanic robber bands invaded Roman Gaul in search of rich prey.
At the center of this book are precisely these pagan 'barbarians' on their way to the first Frankish realms, which went along with the loss of their pagan cults in favor of Catholic Christianity.

Previously, the author has published books and articles under his pseudonym GardenStone, but when the purposed privacy aim of that name got lost he started using his given name.

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